Филипп Киркоров показал, кто воспитывает его детей
The singer congratulated happy birthday to the best “grandmother”.

Photo: Instagram

Since then, as Philip seven months became a father twice, the audience does not get tired to wonder who is the mother of his children. In an interview with Lera Kudryavtseva in the “million dollar Secret” Phillip Bedrosovich told that no one will ever know who was the biological mother of Martin and Alla-Victoria. He assured that provided this woman financially very well and I am sure that she would never betray a secret.

With regard to the education of children, the first was engaged in professional child care. But one day in a country house Kirkorov appeared his Savior — aunt of the singer, and dismissed the whole “Junior” staff. Marie Kirkorov — Opera singer, with pleasure threw her, not very successful career and engaged in their grandchildren. Mother of Philip Bedrosovich, Victoria Markovna, sorry, did not live to see the birth of Martin and Alla-Victoria, Marie, sister of Bedros Kirkorov, has replaced their own grandmother.

Yesterday Marie celebrated her birthday. Aunt Philippa turned 73 years old. The book is very touching congratulated her on the occasion.

“Happy birthday, my love, OUR beloved and dear MARIE!!! he wrote in a personal blog. — What happiness, what in our lives is you! Thanks do you live in our house and every day is filled with care, love and warmth of your love to me and my children, your beloved grandchildren. Thank you have you with us. Years of you life, happiness and of course health!!! We love you very much!!!”

By the way, the man admitted that also in the lives of children is a kind of “mother Natasha”, which supposedly is the godmother of his son and daughter. But there are persistent rumors that in fact this woman is the real mother of Alla-Victoria and Martin.