Philip shared the most intimate

Филипп Киркоров поделился самым сокровенным April 6, the parent star would have turned 80 years old. On this day, the king of Russian pop fondly remembered about the closest person. Also Philip Kirkorov admitted that he finds her traits in her daughter.

      Today, April 6, mother of the famous singer Philip Kirkorov Victoria Markovna could celebrate the anniversary. Fans know the love and thrill of the contractor refers to the memory of the woman. He often recalls a relative of the anecdotes from childhood, reviewing old photos.

      Celebrity decided to share with followers in Instagram their thoughts on the day of birth of a mother. Philip published a post in the blog where they posted pictures of rarity, and left a touching text.

      “Today, the sixth of April, would have turned 80 years of my beloved mother Victoria… How would we nicely celebrated this anniversary year with the whole family… Mom is 80, dad is 85, I — 50… what a pity that this Sunny spring day 2017, it is, alas, not wait…” wrote the man.

      In addition, the man also thanked all concerned for the kind words and support and appreciate those who still remembers his mother and honors her memory. Philip said that every day more and more sees the similarity daughter with a parent. Apparently, the similarities favorite people are very pleased with the artist.


      “It is a pity, did not wait for their grandchildren and have not seen your copy – Alla-Victoria – my daughter who bears her name in her memory… A memory… Thank you to all those who remember her and will remember in your prayers, thank you to all my fans for these wonderful posts… Live long, because life is the most precious thing we have!” – said the singer.

      Followers were touched by the sensual message of idol. Social media users noted its strong resemblance to the cousin, and admired the noble appearance and grace Victoria. They wished the star of humility and asked him to find the strength to enjoy life further.

      “Your daughter its continuation. It is very similar to your mother. Always as you see her, so surprised. It’s just love”, “Mom you just extraordinary”, “Beautiful and kind woman was! She is proud of you from heaven! Bright her memory!”, “You, Philip, just like your mom! Your daughter and son look like her”, “What a beauty! She said it all in their songs! The bright memory of your beautiful mother!” “How touching! You can imagine how she loved you. I also have a son and daughter” “Your mother would be proud and probably watching from heaven and is somewhere nearby. You look so much like your mother. Just one hundred percent copy,” wrote in the comments of well-wishers.