Филипп Киркоров уладил конфликт с Тимати Point in the long history of the conflict between Philip Kirkorov and Timothy delivered at the festival of “HEAT” in Baku. Grigory Leps, the rights of the organizer of the forum, took on the mission of the negotiator and was able to restore the relationship of the two stars.

      Филипп Киркоров уладил конфликт с Тимати

      Two days on the shores of the Caspian sea continued international music festival “HEAT”. Here in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku was arranged a real holiday, lit up new stars, opened new names that will soon be known to millions of fans of popular music in our country.

      Festival “HEAT” in Baku: the best outfits, spectacular rooms and the delight of the audience

      But one of the outcomes of this festival will be called and the termination of the protracted conflict between the two celebrities – the king of pop scene Philip Kirkorov and rap artist Timati. Noble role of conciliator of the parties has assumed one of the organizers of the festival “HEAT” in Baku Grigory Leps. The two musicians are about something talked, sitting at a table in the VIP area. As you know, they’re not just good friends, but also are a great tandem. Why should only their joint hit “I go to live in London. At some point in the VIP area appeared Philip. Leps immediately decided to take advantage of the situation, he went to the star, brought to my table.

      “Philip,” he said. – I want you to meet my friend. Meet a great guy. His name is Timothy”.

      Philip played Grigory Leps and pretended that he sees Timothy for the first time, as if between them and there were no frictions. “Very nice,” politely replied Philip Bedrosovich. By uttering this phrase, a man handed Timothy his hand, and then patted the young man on the back, making it clear that he no longer envies him. Thus, the two celebrities would have reset their relationship, and their conflict has to be exhausted.

      Филипп Киркоров уладил конфликт с Тимати

      Recall the quarrel between Timati and Kirkorov happened four years ago, in 2012. Provoked the conflict, the young singer put personal correspondence with Kirkorov in social networks in an open access. This story was picked up and replicated in the media, and then Philip said in an interview that he was disappointed in Timothy. Musical elite was then divided into two camps – one supported Kirkorov, others thought that the rights in this story Timothy. The last straw in the conflict between two artists became clip Timati on song “good bye”, which was made opaque allusion to the king of the pop scene.

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