Philip regrets that he has solved the mystery of the birth of children

Филипп Киркоров жалеет, что раскрыл тайну рождения детей According to the singer, his fans were not prepared for such revelations. Philip believes that she would grow a son and a daughter without a mother. The performer of hits not afraid that Alla-Victoria and Martin will ever meet the woman who gave birth to them.

      Singer Philip Kirkorov, known to his fans as touching and caring father. The king of pop is raising her daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin, trying to give the heirs of all the best that he has. Philip has admitted that she feels incredibly happy, because with the birth of children, he gained a new sense of life. Daughter of Philip Kirkorov is growing a copy of grandmother

      Regret today the king of the domestic pop scene only one thing – he believes in vain opened all over the country the secret of the birth of his son and daughter, telling them that he was born by a surrogate mother.

      “I had to follow the example of my younger comrades. Here Sergei Lazarev did hid son, and I was Frank – said Philipp Kirkorov in the program “the Secret to a million.” – But our country to such revelations is not ready. Today the issue of surrogacy is discussed quite often, and I’m on his head so many complaints received. But I did it with one desire – to show that there is salvation and a way out of the situation that people can find happiness and that’s the way. And nothing wrong with that”.

      Philip admitted that despite his friendship with Lazarev, he did not know that he is preparing to become a father. He learned about the son of the singer, when the boy was born.

      During the interview, Lera Kudryavtseva Kirkorov admitted that he does not even admit the thought that his children ever want to see his biological mother. He does not communicate with the woman who bore his children, giving to understand that provided her with a decent life.

      “I’m sure she will never speak of this mystery – continued Philip. – Everything is very good. Trust me, Valerie”.

      Kudryavtseva during preparations for transfer are closely communicated with Alla-Victoria and Martin and I came to the conclusion that children are missing mothers and a female in heat. She noted that kids are drawn to her, especially the girl. During the show, she told Philip Kirkorov on their observations.

      “Them just enough, they bathe in love, my children – not two unique child in the world that formally was left without a mother, – said the singer to the comments of the presenter. – They have aunt Marie, there is a spectacular godmother Natasha. I have the happiest kids in the world! But to you they are stretched, because you are beautiful, Lera”.