Philip refused the award MUZ-TV

Филипп Киркоров отказался от премии МУЗ-ТВ

No need for flowers and orchestras! Phillip Kirkorov has decided that it’s too solid to fight for awards with the young actors, and he honored and respected ought not to compete with the younger generation. And so the singer has officially refused the nominations of the prestigious Russian musical award.
This was told by the organizer of the award ceremony MUZ-TV Arman Davletyarov.

“Philip formally refused from all the awards, and we respect his opinion. At the same time, we are waiting for Philip at the MUZ-TV,” he said.
Refused Kirkorov during the presentation of the next awards “Best performer” in 2015. Then all thought that he just flirts with the audience, but soon the singer confirmed his words again.
“Last year in Astana, I asked the organizers not to put me in nomination. I just undignified somehow part of it. I’ll be happy to continue to participate as a guest, but not the contestant. This year, when I learned that I was again included in the nominees list, I just reminded the organizers for his earlier statements.. Let the others fight. Why would I take someone else’s place? I’m not looking and not interested.” said Philippe.

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