Филипп Киркоров растит из дочери олимпийскую чемпионку The musician gives the daughter to the Academy of figure skating Evgeni Plushenko. Philip is attentive to diverse interests of their children and is happy to support any of their undertakings and aspirations.
Филипп Киркоров растит из дочери олимпийскую чемпионку

Philip pays great attention to development of children – Alla-Victoria and Martin. The kids are dancing, swimming, drawing, sculpting… And a son and daughter already showing vocal talents, together with a star dad entered the Studio and recorded a few songs. And recently, six-year-old Alla-Victoria, visited the ice show “Ruslan and Lyudmila” and “the Nutcracker”, and asked me to sign her up for figure skating.

Филипп Киркоров растит из дочери олимпийскую чемпионку“She liked it, as it was made by the son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko Sasha – says “StarHit” Philip. – He spent a long time preparing, training, and all applauded him. Future Olympic champion is growing! Looking at him, Alla-Victoria also wanted to skate, learn to make beautiful moves on the ice. We decided that if there is a desire – so, let him try”.
Филипп Киркоров растит из дочери олимпийскую чемпионку

Soon Philip is planning to take the girl to the Academy of figure skating Evgeni Plushenko Angels of Plushenko. The school has created conditions for professional athletes and for beginners: a new indoor skating rink, dance and gyms, comfortable changing rooms.

Himself a two-time Olympic champion, incidentally, also gives master classes and individual lessons.

“Alla-Victoria is preparing, watched the skaters at the Pyeongchang – continues the artist. – The guys are friends with Sasha Plushenko, often together celebrate children’s holidays. And now the daughter of the Dwarf Geomyces still in the Academy to meet will be.”

Despite numerous rehearsals, concerts and events, Philip tries to spend as much time as possible with her son and daughter. One day with Phillip Kirkorov and his children in Bulgaria: a tour of his native land

“Before bed, I always kiss my children, sometimes I read a story – usually it’s aunt Marie. If asked, allow a short time to watch cartoons on iPad – “Nu pogodi!”, “Tom and Jerry”, “beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”. Myself in the night I like to look through news on the Internet, run on social networks or include any film on TV”, – said the singer.