Philip owed 25 million rubles

Филипп Киркоров задолжал 25 миллионов рублей

While the king of pop Russian singer Philip Kirkorov preparing for a Grand celebration of his fiftieth birthday, on his head fell off a multimillion-dollar trouble. As reports the edition, the actor owed the Bank “Zerich” 25 million roubles, and now he will have to answer for it in court.

In Hamovnichesky court of Moscow with the claim to Philip Kirkorov asked the representatives of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV). The lawsuit is the amount of debt that a celebrity does not return even in February 2016. Only Philip Bedrosovich addressed to the following entities twice. The first time he had borrowed from a Bank ten million rubles, and another 12 million 800 thousand rubles under 26% per annum.
In February of last year the Bank lost license, and a man stopped to pay the debt. According to information filed in the lawsuit, the artist has repeatedly notified about the need to continue payments, but since the reaction from him was not any, neither had to go to court.
The representative Kirkorov Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky has commented on the situation and made it clear that they have everything under control. Under bankruptcy law, all documents and debts of the Bank deprived of the license are transferred to another financial institution. She is a celebrity and will pay debt.