Philip made a statement about the mother of his children

Филипп Киркоров сделал признание о маме своих детей
The singer told about when he intends to introduce the heirs of the mother.



Philip usually avoids questions about his personal life, especially about the mother of his children: son Martin and daughter Alla-Victoria. But during the filming of the show “the Secret in-a-million” he was the most outspoken. Among other things the book told Lera Kudryavtseva about when to introduce their children to their mother.

It turned out that the singer did not intend to acquaint them with the woman who gave them life. Moreover, he is confident that this meeting in principle can not take place. “With the biological mother they’ve never met. She never talks!” confessed Philip.

The man says that his children bathe in love and they have enough of female attention. In the education of Martin and Alla-Victoria he is actively helping aunt Marie, who lives with the artist in the same house. In addition they have a godmother — Natasha.

“They have a fabulous dad! We have an aunt Marie. She replaced all female, what we need. She’s a mother for them and for me. In addition, they have a godmother Natasha. Alle Victoria lacks a female in heat full. It is not necessary to say that is not enough! And dad’s too! She is bathed in love! They are not two unique child in the world that, say, formally, was left without a mother. “— said Kirkorov.