Philip Kirkorov ordered to pay almost half a million rubles

Филиппа Киркорова обязали заплатить банку почти полмиллиона рублей

According to the decision of the Khamovniki court of the capital, a famous Russian singer Philip Kirkorov is obliged to pay the Bank “Zerich” 500 thousand rubles. This media learnt from the press Secretary of the court Olga Myshelovki.

According to Olga, the representative of the Bank demanded to collect with Kirkorov 25 million rubles, but the judge granted the request of the plaintiffs only partially. The court’s decision, the actor agreed and immediately paid for the debts on loans.
“The defendant collected 499 880 thousand rubles 6 kopecks,” said the Mouser. Thus Philip got off lightly.
Recall that the artist has borrowed from the Bank two large amounts and regularly paid the debt before the Bank lost its license. Then Philip stopped making contributions and the Bank’s employees sued him in court.