Филипп Киркоров боится оскандалиться перед публикой The singer admitted that he was tired from emerging dirty rumors. Philip still can’t get used to the unpleasant gossip, which fall down on him throughout his creative activities. However, the encouragement from the audience always helps the actor.
Филипп Киркоров боится оскандалиться перед публикой

Philip over the last thirty years has been considered one of the most popular actors of Russia. He gives hundreds of concerts a year, performing successfully on the biggest stages of the country. However, the singer came face to face with a variety of unpleasant rumors. In the program “a Perfect repair”, he admitted that he is still afraid of public condemnation.

“I’m afraid to get up in the morning, suddenly read some regular dirt. Then I think, as I go on stage, what do you say to people. Go to them and read in the eyes: “We don’t read, don’t believe it. Let’s sing”. Then I calm down and begin to work”, – said the musician.
Филипп Киркоров боится оскандалиться перед публикой

Kirkorov decided to turn to designers known programs in order to equip a children’s area, which designated an entire floor in his mansion. The singer did not spare money for the transformation of the room, and therefore the team was able to implement all of his incredible ideas.

So, the house was built a little stage for Martin, Alla-Victoria and their friends. Besides, in the children’s area was equipped with a library and even a kitchenette. The man remained in awe of the interior design.

Dealing with the host of the program “a Perfect repair”, Kirkorov admitted that he hoped for a long time to perform on stage. However, the artist will immediately leave the profession as soon as the indifference of the audience.

“I always feel their energy and want to implement many projects. However, if I believe that the audience lost interest, will immediately come to the conclusion that doing something wrong that took a wrong turn,” said Philip.

Despite the extensive creative plans, the artist never tires of pointing out that the main thing in his life now. He is ready all the free time to spend with my daughter and son. Kirkorov hopes that the heirs will choose a creative profession, because they have all the data.

The emergence of Martin and Alla-Victoria in the light forced the artist to change the attitude to money. “I could spend my earnings and nothing to think. Now trying to save the budget. And children are taught the same,” said the singer.

Kirkorov confirmed that the renovation has made an indelible impression on him. Now the musician is planning to organize concerts and theater performances for children and their friends.