Филиппу Киркорову подарили спасенного им львенка Little predator went along with the singer from Yalta to Sochi. The staff of the Safari Park called the king of beasts in honor of the king of pop scene Philip. The contractor was introduced to his namesake subscribers microblog, posted a video with the participation of the cub.

      Philip all last week was on tour in the Crimea, and on Sunday went to Sochi in order to enjoy their bright show “me” residents and visitors of this city. But left a famous singer someday, not with empty hands, and with a trophy – a tiny lion cub by the name of Philip, which he gave in the Safari Park of the Peninsula. Philip instills in children a love for animals

      As it turned out, Philip became the Savior of a small predator. During the tour, the singer visited the Safari Park “Taigan”, where happened to him a remarkable story.

      “We went in the middle of the Safari, where we saw the lioness with the cub in his mouth, which hid in a thicket, and a group of lions, among which stood out a bloody lioness – it was a killer of lions. Seeing Zubkov (the Director of the Safari Park “Taigan” – approx. “StarHit”), the mother came out of hiding onto the road and gave him with Philip the newborn. So Kirkorov appeared godson of Phil “Taigan” – said in a blog eyewitness Tatiana Alexakhina.

      More Philip and little predator did not leave. Namesake of the king of pop with him made his first helicopter flight, traveling from one city on the Black sea in the other.

      The artist has published in the microblog touching photo in which he draws of the future king of beasts to his chest. It seems that he fully trusts Philip Kirkorov. The picture shows that the lion eyes closed, he was asleep, confident that is safe. “Here’s the trophy, the trust of a Safari Park “Taigan”, signed by photo with his namesake Philip.

      A little earlier the book showed the funny videos involving a tiny predator, causing affection and admiration from their followers. For flights to the kid prepared a special box. In the picture you can see how a hand may, Philip Kirkorov, stroking a lion cub, and he tries to portray itself as a terrible beast and grins in response to attempts to look after him.

      What are the plans of the king of pop in connection with the new pet, Philip has not yet revealed. It is possible that he will give his namesake in one of the zoos, and may give the famous coaches, the brothers Zapashny. But anyway, and the predator was in trusted and good hands, who obviously don’t want to hurt him.

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