Philip is ready to open the children the truth about their appearance

Филипп Киркоров готов открыть детям правду об их появлении The king of pop gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about education and leisure, Martin and Alla-Victoria. Philip admitted that he plans to tell the kids the truth. When the son and daughter grow up, he tells them how they came to light.
Филипп Киркоров готов открыть детям правду об их появлении

Personal life Philip Kirkorov admirers and detractors has been discussed for many years. Since, as a celebrity became a father, the amount of gossip and rumors only increased. According to the artist, this was one of the reasons why he agreed to tell the audience about the most important people in my life – Martin and Alla-Victoria.

“Take my word for it that this is the decision I might regret. I have suffered, I deserved it and happy today. And for this happiness I am ready to give all that I have. If only it was me and I didn’t take”, – started the conversation Philip.

It turned out that about the children of the King of the pop scene wanted for a very long time. However, led him to this decision is not the simplest situation. Friends who betray, and those who tried to spoil the artist’s life, only strengthened his desire to start a family. In recognition of the star, with the advent of the heirs he has changed beyond recognition.

“And what I went through and how former friends turned into enemies and Vice versa. And as I was wiped from the face of the earth the media and how I struggled with it. And as I put in place certain people who wanted to destroy me and how it failed. I am grateful to them for only one: they played a catalytic role in my completely formed at that time the idea that I must not be alone, that my life must change. And that is what I was willing to forgive everything,” confessed the man.

Now a celebrity tries as possible to spend more time with the kids, to properly educate and not to indulge to excess. Despite the huge number of rumors that have accompanied the emergence of the children of Philip, the light, the man has no plans to hide the truth. In interview to the program “New Russian sensations” on NTV Kirkorov openly stated that as soon as Martin and Alla-Victoria grows up, he will tell them all the details.

“Neither my first nor my last in this life made this decision. I’m not a pioneer. Just in our country do not speak openly, without embarrassment, without hiding behind the legends of the supermodels that you gave birth to a child and then disappeared somewhere, leaving him in the care of you. I do not advocate lying. Then I’ll have something to tell your kids – why lie?” – said Kirkorov.