Филипп Киркоров готовит дочь и сына к школе по собственной методике On the last day of April, the singer celebrates 51st birthday. This year he is celebrating the holiday in Lisbon, which flew together with the Moldovan team DoReDos for the contest “Eurovision”. On the eve of the celebration family and friends Kirkorov shared with “StarHit”, as he was trapped behind the wheel of a car and the principle of preparing children for school.
Филипп Киркоров готовит дочь и сына к школе по собственной методике


Aunt Marie is one of the closest to singer people. It helps the artist to bring the daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin, always there with the kids.

“Philip’s a good dad, says Marie Kirkorov “StarHit”. – Not strict, but the kids respect him and adore. He is perfectly intuitive: all sorts of fashion methods of education Philip does not trust, raising heirs, according to his own plan. They recently stopped attending kindergarten, I went to him for three years, but we were dissatisfied with the approach of educators to the development of children. Now Alla-Victoria and Martin a lot of new Hobbies, they play sports, for several months, along with English and teach Italian language. They successfully get to do something hands – to paint, sculpt figures out of clay, plasticine. Artistic ability is also manifest, but your way kids will choose themselves.”

“The girl is more bold, loves attention, and boy is modest, kind and courageous.”
Филипп Киркоров готовит дочь и сына к школе по собственной методике

“Always with your sister: if Alla-Victoria is upset, and it is not, continues Marie. Now, the family Council will decide about the school. This is important, everyone is worried. Phillip believe that the children are ready, but I want to hear them”.


With Nikolai Baskov Kirkorov friends for almost two decades. Connecting artists a lot, including a great sense of humor and love for large-scale shows. Funny stories that happened to them, does not count, but especially Nicholas remember one, when inadvertently they Philip almost froze to death on the street in Moscow.

“It was winter a couple of years ago – says Basque. Just ended a 12-hour shoot in the pavilion, and I sleep in either eye. Such artists often happens after emotional recordings, concerts… Meet Philip in the hallway, I learn that it is the same. In order to relieve stress, to relax, we decide to go to a movie – then went to hire a good Russian film. I left my car in the outdoor Parking at the cinema. I watched a movie, we leave the time – the third hour of the night. And suddenly find that he had forgotten to extinguish the lights. The car does not start: the battery. All attempts to rehabilitate it on their own vain”.
Филипп Киркоров готовит дочь и сына к школе по собственной методике

“I call you friends, Phil as if nothing had happened begins to “vote” on the road – continues Nikolai. – Stops the car, driving man, see Kirkorov, eye rounds: “wow, how similar!” Philip him, “Yes that’s me!” And next to the driver, the girl, too shocked, laughing: “Well, only Baskov is not enough.” And then from behind the arc Kirkorov I come in. All laughed! In the end, all ended well, we made it.”


Kirkorov is known in the secular parties, not only as the most hospitable host, but also as a lover of surprises. Sometimes a truly Royal.

“Philip loves to make gifts for no reason, he is a real professional – like everything else – says the “StarHit” Valeria. And the sense of taste, I must say – excellent! We are long time friends, he is always welcome in my house and on all the big holidays. On the anniversary, which was celebrated on 17 April, Philip, for example, gave me a beautiful exclusive dress Louis Vuitton. In the world only two. I was amazed that the outfit is incredibly beautiful. I can only imagine how much it costs!”

Филипп Киркоров готовит дочь и сына к школе по собственной методике“In my closet, by the way, there are some stylish dresses that also gave Philip. Always wear them with pleasure,” – says Valery.