Филипп Киркоров выпустил свой аромат

Alla Pugacheva was the first Russian star, who has released his own perfume. Further example of the prima Donna was followed by some of her colleagues. Now it is time for the ex-husband of Alla Philip Kirkorov.

The king of the national stage has presented a selective fragrance called “I am”.

It is known that the development of the fragrance was engaged in the perfume capital of France Grasse.

Philip Bedrosovich, presenting her own line of perfume, has admitted that its creation would not take place without Pugacheva: “Tnly one woman could choose the flavor. And this woman, as you know, Alla, — said the actor. Is the only person whose opinion I trust. Alla the first woman in the Soviet Union, which produced spirits. This is a woman with exceptional taste.”

However, Kirkorov added that to make his scent he wasn’t going to, because this is more a experiment than a serious business, put on the conveyor: “I think this experiment will open a new facet of my self that would never have happened without my fans.”