Филипп Киркоров подарил крестнице золотую туфельку
The singer visited the birthday party of a daughter of Ani Lorak.

Филипп Киркоров подарил крестнице золотую туфельку

Ani Lorak’s daughter Sofia

Photo: Igor Kharitonov

The Ani Lorak’s Daughter Sofia

Photo: Igor Kharitonov

Recently the past five years daughter Sophia Ani Lorak turned into
the tale, which appeared immediately two princesses in crowns: hero of the occasion and the singer herself. “Especially for girls was built toy
castle. There her out of the house brought a carriage drawn by white horses, —
told Ani about the holiday.— Sofia
received many gifts. The most touching, as always, from the godfather — Philip Kirkorov: pendant in the form of Golden shoes with
inscription: “birthday by his godfather, Philip, Sophia,” I think later
years it is care about this gift.”

Ani want to have daughters
remained about the childhood of the most joyful memories. And although she is experiencing: “I
gnawing conscience that I have a daughter to leave for the tour
filming, the star child, none of these holidays were not satisfied.
Parents divorced, mother from morning to night he worked at a local radio. Anya and her
brother had to live in a boarding school where lived and children from large families, and
children of alcoholics and children of criminals… “And stealing in a boarding school, and fought — all was missing”,
— says Ani. And the boarding school she is grateful for what the teacher
singing noticed her singing abilities and began to develop her talent, to prepare the girl
to all sorts of song contests and as a result, she became a real singer.

Interview Ani Lorak on
yourself, family and daughter here.

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