Philip explained why he decided not to get married

Филипп Киркоров объяснил, почему решил не жениться The singer knew better than Alla Pugacheva nobody will meet. According to Philip Kirkorov, it is impossible after one of the Queen to find another. Salvation from loneliness for the popular performer was the birth of his children.

      Филипп Киркоров объяснил, почему решил не жениться

      Hard to believe, but exactly one year later, on 30 April 2017, the king of Russian pop scene Philip Kirkorov fiftieth year. Well, until the eve of his forty-ninth birthday, the famous singer gave an interview to TV channel “Russia 1”, where he spoke not only about his stunning new show “I”, which he just did in preparation for the upcoming anniversary, but also about his personal life. From it we may note that Philip never made a mystery to millions of her fans.

      Perhaps for the first time in many years, the singer explained why after breaking up with his wife Alla Pugacheva he no longer made any attempts to start a family. “So it was difficult after one Queen to find another,’ said Philip in an interview to the program “Personal.” – Competition and comparison, nobody would survive. Therefore it is better to be alone than with just anyone”. After her divorce from Philip Kirkorov Diva married Maxim Galkin and her former husband for a long time was one. Salvation from loneliness for Philip Kirkorov became the birth of a son Martin and daughter Alla-Victoria. “Although loneliness does not bother me, it’s helped me to concentrate on creativity,” says Philip. – But in a certain period of life, when you’re over forty, you already think about something else”.

      Филипп Киркоров объяснил, почему решил не жениться

      In four years of Alla-Victoria and Martin a three-year star father thinks the world of the soul, but educates them in strictness, talking as adults, on equal terms, and never Lisp. “I want my children to grow up independent and not spoiled by people who are proud of their education takes place in the correct environment and try to give them all we can, – said Philipp Kirkorov. I now see in them the makings of a sport and try to develop it. Martin already took to the rink to Evgeny Plushenko, and Alla-Victoria really wants to see in rhythmic gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova, she saw in her daughter the makings of a gymnast”.

      However, Alla-Victoria, many friends of Philip Kirkorov tipped as a future singer, claiming that she needs to follow in the footsteps of his father. Four year old baby isn’t camera shy and not a bad singer. But the star dad believes that too early to draw conclusions. He let daughter on the stage only in the case if you see that she’s really talented.

      Филипп Киркоров объяснил, почему решил не жениться

      With the birth of children, admits Philip, he’s changed, really matured. “Whatever happens now, I have no right to a breakdown,” says the singer. – Because the kids will say to me: “Dad, you begat us, we were able to run around, and you have made the actions of teenagers.” So even if they accuse me of some pink blouse, I’ll say, “Guys, this was ten years before your birth. My dad was a kid, my dad even fought with pink blouses, he was irritated by this color. But with your appearance in the world everything in the world was different.”

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