Филипп Киркоров эвакуирует детей из охваченной огнем Греции The musician worries about her son and daughter. Fortunately, they are lucky to be away from the fire. However, Philip decided to fly from Baku to Athens to take Alla-Victoria and Martin to their homeland in Bulgaria.
Филипп Киркоров эвакуирует детей из охваченной огнем Греции

Last days in Greece is raging strong forest fire is 40 miles northeast from the capital of Athens has suffered the village of Mati, a popular tourist attraction. People suffocated from smoke in their own homes and cars. Across the country declared three days of mourning, after all, the disaster claimed the lives of over 80 people.

Children of Philip Kirkorov, six-year-old Alla-Victoria and Martin and now we are in Greece. However, they were lucky to escape the blaze. Despite the fact that they also rest at Athens, they are in no danger. Due to natural disasters, the famous father changes his plans – he is now in Baku at the festival “Heat”, but very worried about a son and a daughter. That is why he will have a little earlier to leave the capital of Azerbaijan, likely to be close to the children.

“My condolences go out to Greece. Many children were killed, – said Kirkorov on a press-conferences of the festival. – My children were there, but the tragedy spared the place near Athens, where they rest. Flying from Baku to Athens to pick them up, spend a few days in Bulgaria”.
Филипп Киркоров эвакуирует детей из охваченной огнем Греции

Over the past decade, this fire was one of the strongest for Greece. The fact that the country has established a very high temperature, but because of the strong wind, the fire spread with great speed and fire do not have time to stop the disaster. The authorities have appealed to neighboring States asking for assistance with equipment and rescuers.

Philip loves the son and daughter and tries to do everything to have a carefree childhood. They are often the birthplace of his father in Bulgaria. The artist himself, despite the workload in the work, giving the children the maximum time.

One day with Phillip Kirkorov and his children in Bulgaria: a tour of his native land

“Before bed, I always kiss my children, sometimes I read a story – usually it’s aunt Marie. If asked, allow a short time to watch cartoons on iPad – “Nu pogodi!”, “Tom and Jerry”, “beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”. Myself in the night I like to look through news on the Internet, run on social networks or include any film on TV”, – said Kirkorov “StarHit”.