Philip defended the show’s “Stars under hypnosis” with Maxim Galkin

Филипп Киркоров встал на защиту шоу «Звезды под гипнозом» с Максимом Галкиным The singer tried the method of transmission. Philip shot a video in the signature to which has outlined how it relates to the entertainment program of the First channel. The joke on the artist parodied ISA Bagirov

At the moment Philip is on tour. The day before he spoke in Novy Urengoy. After a concert the singer has filmed a funny video in which supposedly turns the ball manoveniyu hands. Thus, a man tried to parody a meeting of the show “Stars under hypnosis” ISA Bagirov, which introduces guests gear and even the Studio audience in a special sleep state.

“Did not escape me the fate of the universal “hypnosis”. Being under a tremendous impression already the third program in a row, Maxim Galkin, I have been experimenting over all that comes under his hands, even multi-ton stone sphere I control in my free time, even in Novy Urengoy! The great strength ISA Bagirov, multiplied by the charm and charisma of the presenter max Galkin gave me space forces to circle-spin”, – said Kirkorov in the signature to the roller.

We can assume that the singer decided to protect a colleague, as the weekend played out with the scandal involving new show of the First channel. The star of Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov has criticized the project. “I don’t know how there was Maxim Galkin and all of the participants, and how come that such a product generally appears on the screen? Judging by the rating, under hypnosis not only stars, but also the audience of the country…” – wrote the entertainer.

Maxim replied through one of the editions that didn’t want to hurt mental organization Garik. Kharlamov prefer not to discuss the situation and expressed respect for Galkin. “I expressed my opinion about what they saw and, judging from the 5,000 comments under my post, my opinion is not unique. And judging by the latest ratings of Comedy Club, our audience did not go anywhere. Apparently, the hypnosis it does not work. I wish you all the best and all the best. You are a wonderful artist, and show no!” – said the comedian.

Many viewers also criticized the transfer, leaving angry comments on social networks.