Philip commented on the scandal with Anastasia Stotskaya

Филипп Киркоров прокомментировал скандал с Анастасией Стоцкой The king of pop was supported by a star that was kicked out of Eurovision. Philip has published in his microblog your kind words in the address of Anastasia Stotskaya, excluded from the jury for breaking the rules.

      Филипп Киркоров прокомментировал скандал с Анастасией Стоцкой

      10 may in Stockholm, hosted the first semifinal of “Eurovision”, the results of which Russian singer Sergey Lazarev reached the final. According to the rules of the competition participants are evaluated by an international jury. Then their scores are added together with the results of the audience voting.

      Anastasia Stotskaya, who was a member of the Commission from Russia, this week violated the rules of the show. Star led video chatting Periscope Internet broadcast from the rehearsal of the semifinals. After negotiations, the organizers of “Eurovision” and the Russian broadcaster RTR came to the decision to exclude Anastasia from the jury.

      Anastasia Stotskaya was forced to leave the “Eurovision”

      The singer bitterly took the news, but admitted the mistake and justified. Philip, who is the producer of the rooms Sergey Lazarev, supported Stotsky. He has published in his microblog emotional message that openly admitted to liking and friendly attitude to the star.

      “Dear Nastya Stotskaya! Nothing and no one! No fee, jury of “Eurovision” and “the last supper” will not affect our long friendship! Anything can happen, this could happen to anyone, but you caught it (apparently, my scandalous karma and passed on to you, you’re my student)! And it will pass! People are different, and the evil and the good. No offense to them! About whom else to write? Who else to judge? Remember all my stories when I was hurt and injustice. However, live, sing songs, dance, put new shows. In spite of the enemies and to the delight of friends, the last you and I have much more! Hang in there! After a week no one will remember this incident in your life! “Live more,” as said by us with you favorite A. B. greetings from Serezha Lazarev! Everything will be fine!” – I wrote the book.

      We will remind, earlier Stotsky admitted that he had no malicious intent when I included a broadcast of the negotiations of the jury members in video chat. “I was warned about confidentiality, not to disclose the results of the vote, in fact, that’s what I did. And about the video, no one knew of us. And I removed myself in order to promote competition, without malice. I’m very worried actually, I am in stress,” said Anastasia after his act.

      At the moment members of the Commission of “Eurovision” from Russia are the composer Gennady Gladkov, TV presenters Linden and Oskar Kuchera and musician Denis Maidanov. Before the finals will be chosen as the new representative from our country, which will replace Anastasia Stotskaya.

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