Philip cannot come to terms with the death of the sister

Филипп Киркоров не может смириться со смертью родной сестры Singer believes that could save the girl. Philip admitted that he had a fight with his father when he learned that he had concealed the pregnancy of his second wife Ludmila. Singer still worries about the fact that learned too late that he had a sister.

      Филипп Киркоров не может смириться со смертью родной сестры

      Philip, who on 30 April this year will be 50 years old, was the guest of the next edition of “the Secret to a million” on NTV. During the interview the king of the pop scene admitted Lera Kudryavtseva, what still worries about the fact that he had no brothers and sisters. The only sister of Philip Kirkorov, Ksenia died when she was only seven days old. The doctors said that the newborn did not deploy a light. Bedros Kirkorov was first shown the tomb of the daughter

      The girl was the child of Bedros Kirkorov and his second wife Ludmila, with whom he started a family after retiring from the life of Victoria, mother of Philip Kirkorov. The wife of Bedros Kirkorov was pregnant at quite a Mature age when she was past forty years. The couple kept this fact not only from the public but from the people closest to explaining this fear to jinx the future mother and her child. Philip found out about the baby after its birth. The singer still can not bear to talk about my little sister died.

      Филипп Киркоров не может смириться со смертью родной сестры“I found out about it when the girl is born, and when a light is not opened, bitterly admits Philip. – I was very angry and shouted at his father. The situation was difficult. Luda got pregnant after forty years, was at high risk. It was possible to bring her to Moscow, and not to give birth in the hospital small town”.

      The tragedy occurred in 2002, while Philip was married to Alla Pugacheva. The artist is sure that they with Alla could find for the wife of Bedros and their daughter in Moscow, the best doctors, and everything could have turned out very differently.

      “I learned last sister was born, – said Philip. – Maybe the father was afraid that I’m still jealous that he got married… and me And Alla we are very worried that it was not possible to save Xenia. Now she was fifteen years old, and she could come to the Studio”.

      Philip admitted that he never was at the tomb of the sisters and did not come to bury her. “I’m only three times in my life been to a funeral – my mom, my brother, Alla and Zhanna Friske. And I realized that to make this can’t…,” the singer said. The star is ever mindful of the newborn Xenia, and when it happens in churches, lighting a candle for the repose of her soul.