Philip arranged for a friends party of the year

Филипп Киркоров организовал для друзей вечернику года Today, the artist will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary with its inherent scale. And while the singer gets a lot of congratulations. Family, friends and colleagues of the “king of Russian pop” do not skimp on the kind words to the address of the birthday boy.

Today marks its fiftieth anniversary, Philip. For such a serious event “king of Russian pop” came with the responsibility and inherent style. The anniversary will be celebrated on stage of the Kremlin, and will culminate with a Grand Banquet to which it invited many guests. Family, friends, colleagues and many fans rushed to congratulate the hero of the day. Early in the morning artist gets the warm wishes, words of gratitude and a lot of compliments.

With a jubilee of people’s artist of Russia has congratulated the President. Vladimir Putin noted for its striking contribution to the history of the domestic variety.

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“You have achieved enormous professional success, added a bright Chapter in the history of Russian pop art. Extraordinary vocal talent, energy, passion favorite thing help You actively engaged in concert activities, participate in interesting creative projects” – is the official greeting of the head of state was posted on the Kremlin website.

Many colleagues of Philip on the stage, also rushed to congratulate the hero of the day. Maxim Galkin wrote in his microblog warm words: “happy Birthday, dear friend! I wish you always be surrounded by kind and loving people! Happy Birthday, a great Artist! I wish you to always be worthy of you stage! Happy Birthday, incredible people! I wish you to surprise and do not cease to be surprised!”

Touching congratulated the pop star singer Valeria. She noted that Philippe is considered to be an outstanding artist who lives for the stage, music and creativity. “Dear Philip, congratulations on your anniversary! You’re an Artist with a capital letter, but life is not only a scene. I wish you every day of your life to experience the joy of fatherhood, let them be happy your children and relatives. Health dear Bedros and warmest congratulations! The evening will congratulate personally. Forces you to overcome the main course of this race!” she wrote in his microblog. Phillip responded with words of gratitude and noted that later “out in full! Get ready!”

The singer continued to congratulate the performers. Kind words already written in his microblog Igor Nikolaev, Taisiya Povaliy, Vitas, Alena Apina, Olga Orlova, Christina Aguilera, Ani Lorak and many others.

Sincere greetings left in his page in Instagram and Nikolai Baskov. “The great and unique Philip! I heartily congratulate you with the spectacular anniversary! Today is your day and holiday in our country, in which there is such an artist and an idol, adored by all generations! You’re dedicated his life to Music Ministry and to the public, in this way you have no equal! I always admire you as an artist with a capital letter and incredibly appreciative of our friendship! Be healthy, happy, loved and loving, happy fatherhood and new creative madness! With love and always yours!”

Today Philip will give a concert on the occasion of his anniversary in the State Kremlin Palace. In the lobby of the building launched a photo exhibition dedicated to the artist’s show, called “I” and the exhibition of 90 of the most famous outfits of the singer and clips of concert programs over the years. Today’s celebration and concert promise to be grandiose. Jubilee table will be full of treats: the freshest seafood brought to him from different countries of the world. The highlight of the program will be a cake weighing 400 kg, ordered from the best confectioner of Moscow with five edible figures of Philip.

Before the celebration of the jubilee presented an amazing gift. The singer entered the Russian Book of records for the fact that for 10 days in a row to present a luxury show “I” in the Kremlin Palace, each time gathering a full house. Thus the artist became a true record – no one has previously performed on the main stage of the country with such a long marathon.

The singer said that the gifts he began to give back before the holidays: many channels before its anniversary showed a documentary about him and clips of different stages of creativity. Artist also in the morning pleased with the presenter of “What? Where? When?” Boris the Hook and said that today is giving him crystal owl for the greatest number of musical breaks in the program. Philip shared that Love assumption has prepared a gift of his portrait with his son and daughter, made of mosaic. And the very first artist congratulated his kids – crafts made with your own hands. All the presents are expecting the hero of the occasion, he plans to keep at home.