Philip apologized to Valeria gift for a million

Филипп Киркоров извинился перед Валерией подарком за миллион The king of the domestic pop scene made colleague a pleasant surprise. Philip was presented with a chic gift, trying to smooth over the unfortunate incident. Valery was amazed at the generosity of the artist.
Филипп Киркоров извинился перед Валерией подарком за миллион

At the end of last year on the set of “Hello, Andrew!”on the channel “Russia”, which was attended by Valeriya and Filipp Kirkorov, the singer before you start recording accidentally ripped dress colleagues.

“Delicate outfit was of the finest matter, and Philip accidentally hooked his jacket with sequins – says Valery “StarHit”. The sleeve was completely ruined, and was upset about this even more it that was so careless. Kirkorov has apologized probably a hundred times, and after the shooting, came up and offered: “Lehr, choose any dress I’ll buy you one!»

The singer wanted to laugh it off, but the king of pop insisted. Then Valeria and Joseph Prigogine came in a luxury shopping center, chose two looks, asked them to weigh, expecting that Philip would become one. The next day, the man fulfilled his promise.

“Imagine my surprise when Phil brought me both dresses – laughing artist. Said that he could not choose, too different. Moved me literally to tears.”
Филипп Киркоров извинился перед Валерией подарком за миллион

In the first star went to the event in a Large theater and the other was reserved for new year’s reception arranged by the President. By the way, the total cost of the dresses from Zuhair Murad and Jenny Packham, purchased Kirkorov for girlfriend in Cum, amounted to one million rubles.

Apparently, the artist was delighted with present colleagues. Spouse Valerie admitted that he finds it hard to choose gifts for his beloved women. The singer loves the unusual and rare items that are sometimes hard to find.

“Leroy doesn’t like diamonds. One time I gave her a watch, but this is not surprise. She loves antique books, which I have every time to find and get. With me, everything is easier, because the main gift is her being around,” admitted Prigogine in ether one of the programs.