Philip answered the annoying fans

Филипп Киркоров ответил назойливым фанатам The singer commented on the recent scandal with the annoying fan. Philip noted that he often has to tolerate inappropriate behavior of others. The actor was quick to thank those people, who for many years supported it.

Recently Philip was in the midst of the scandal. In the Network appeared the video shot by a disgruntled fan of the artist. The woman claimed that the singer insulted her when she tried to get his autograph. She followed star down the street, threatening to sue him in court.

Kirkorov decided to speculate on the molestation of fans. He thanked the viewers who for many years remained faithful to his work.

“Thank you for true love and an insatiable sense of faith and love for me, understanding my right to rest and tranquility on vacation. Well, who doesn’t understand this, I frankly feel sorry but I also forgive them for their impudence, indiscretion, lack of sense of proportion, and even rudeness, because they’ve never felt and are unlikely to feel happiness and bliss in full halls and standing ovation after the show to 30 minutes,” – said the actor.

Recall that in the video, which was a scandal, Philip refused though as-that to react to the provocation of groupies. He did not communicate with the woman chasing him, trying to hide in the store.

A man wished his followers to be kind and to be sensitive to the desire of others to relax.

“Let the goodness in your hearts, and then the world will smiles with you and you will succeed. Nevertheless, merry Christmas and the loved, and unloved! Be happy,” said the man.

Many fans supported Kirkorov, noting that sometimes the fans pass all bounds, preventing the artists to live. “Acquainted with this video. Of course, this chaos, how can you behave like that. I’m sure that Philip did not offend anyone”, “don’t pay any attention to such people. Inadequate people are everywhere”, “you have my full support! The important thing is that you have your own loyal audience,” wrote the followers of the star.

Now Philip is located in Miami. A man is relaxing in the company of Christina Aguilera and beloved children. The singer complained that the weather in the USA was not pleased. Despite the low temperatures, artists find something to do. They visit local restaurants and go to movies.

This is not the first case when from-for actions of fans Kirkorov gets into an awkward situation. So, a few months ago Philip fan ran on stage and began to sing Frank dance. However, the artist did not hesitate and was able with dignity to finish the room. A fan danced a Striptease for Philip Kirkorov