Philip admitted plagiarizing one of his songs

Филипп Киркоров признался в плагиате одной из своих песен

Proving to be a hit pop king of Russian pop “tough love,” repeats the motives of songs of group Space “Symphonic Space Dream”.

Musicians are often accused of plagiarism, but this time the case went to trial. The French group Space Philip Kirkorov accused that he used the motive of their hit “Symphonic Space Dream” in his song “Cruel love”. Moreover, the French demanded from it monetary compensation in the amount of about 75 million rubles.

A few days Philip Bedrosovich was silent. But today admitted that he really borrowed material from the French colleagues. But the deal with the group Space in the court he did not intend. The lawyers for both sides agreed to a settlement in which the defendant will pay the damage. How many rubles it will be – a mystery. But I think the amount that have to say goodbye to Philip, rather big. Especially on the “tough love” it, says his attorney, earned about 393 million rubles.

Composition Kirkorov “tough love” appeared in 2003. And at this point, due to the heartbreaking lyrics a came to the conclusion that the by apparent problems in the family. However, Philip calmed us down and claimed that their love with Pugacheva this hit is irrelevant (Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva divorced, we will remind, in 2005).

By the way, Alla Pugacheva. Not so long ago the singer after a long break returned to the stage. And with two hits – “don’t call” and “Penny”. Her current husband Maxim Galkin once joked that he persuaded her to start working for the family had more money.

“Say Hello all the time: “Come sing, come sing! One thing I advocate, and the other you. Well this is completely different money!” – admitted Maxim on his solo concert in Crocus City Hall in Moscow. Read more HERE.