Petruha died of “White sun of the desert”

Умер Петруха из «Белого солнца пустыни»
Actor Nikolai Godovikov passed away on the 68th year.

Nikolai Godovikov in the role Petrucci

Today in St. Petersburg died actor Nikolay Godovikov,
known for her role Petrucci in the film “White sun of the desert”. The body of the artist, who was 67 years old, was found by his father-in-law: it is reported by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“I called Cole picked up his father-in-law, said Nicholas
L. died in his apartment, now waiting for the police and an ambulance,” — said
a close friend Godovikova.

It is known that the actor was suffering from cancer.

Nikolai Godovikov has played in such films as “the Republic of
SHKID”, “Zhenya, Zhenya and “Katyusha” and “Without a uniform”. He also took
participation in projects of “Secrets of investigation”, “national security Agent”,
“Gangster Petersburg” and “Streets of broken lamps”.