Петра Немцова поделилась радостью о первенце

Петра Немцова поделилась радостью о первенце

40-year-old Czech model Petra Nemcova and her husband Benjamin Lattice first became parents. That the couple had a son reported the model itself, showing the first photos of baby on his official page in Instagram.

The boy was born prematurely at 34-weeks pregnant. The event took place in mid-November, but to share the joy of Peter decided only at the moment. The first few weeks of life the baby and his mother was in the hospital, at the moment it is all over and the child feels well. The happy parents brought their son home.

The model wrote on Instagram that all the worst moments are already behind us, the baby is currently in the house and is in a climate of love, affection and tranquility. She also said that for them my husband is a huge bliss to be with little angel. Thanks to the advent of this baby, they realized how wonderful and beautiful world.

Benjamin and Peter have legalized their marriage in August of 2019, at this point, the model was already pregnant. The couple decided not to give publicity to their ceremony, so the wedding was only close people. The public also learned that the marriage of celebrities will be in Arizona for a few weeks before the scheduled date.

That model is a child, the world learned from Instagram, where she showed the first photo of a rounded tummy at the end of August. Peter thanked the Universe for what it has blessed their Union on the increase, and gave them such an incredible gift.

After that, the model was the daily to publish the photos with a tummy and to talk about their emotions and feelings to the fans. She knew the sex of the future child, but decided to keep it a secret from society kept me wondering until the last minute.

The child first model in 40 years. Prior to that, she was not for good reason. The fact that in 2004 she was married to Simon Utley and the couple planned on children. However, there was a mountain, which destroyed all their plans. A man tragically died during a severe tsunami in Thailand, the couple was vacationing together. Nemcova miraculously survived, but very hard experienced the death of his beloved.

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