Peter Krasilov reconciled with the first family

Петр Красилов помирился с первой семьей The actor has established a relationship with his ex-wife and teenage son. Peter Krasilov two years lived in a civil marriage with Natalia Selivanova, but married invited the young artist Irina Shebeko. In their family a daughter, Lisa, who is now friends with his half-brother.

      Петр Красилов помирился с первой семьей

      Actor nine years did not communicate with his ex-wife Natalia Selivanova and son Ivan. He left the first of the family to student Irina Shebeko, and she gave me an ultimatum: “Choose me or them!” Peter was married with a young wife, had a daughter Lisa. But after so many years, the man still found the strength to fix it.

      “Recently Vanya was visiting me in the country – says “StarHit” Peter. – He is friends with my sister Lisa. They play together, having fun. But the main passion of children – computers, both the monitor does not pull… On birthdays I give him gadgets. Misunderstanding between me and Natasha stayed in the past.”

      Son of Krasilov finishes ninth grade.

      “Vanya is already thinking what he be, a chef or a sportsman, continues the actor. But while it’s all a dream. If you follow in my footsteps, support… We often talk on the phone. Sometimes I would call him, and he said, “Dad, back off! Busy!” I’m not offended”.

      Now the second family of Krasilov moved to live abroad. “Ira left to learn for a photographer in Los Angeles, says Sochi. The Nata took. They live in kopeck piece, which we recently bought. Lisa goes to third grade, is learning to play the guitar and flute. Girls arrive on vacation. Daughter was with me all last month, now waiting for June!”

      Natalia Selivanova two years lived in a civil marriage with Peter Krasyliv. After the actor left the woman with a small child in her arms, she spoke on a talk show that the baby’s father is not involved in the life of the son does not pay child support and does not communicate with the boy. Selivanova had to provide little Ivan. However, after a time, the star of the TV series changed his mind and became heir to pay more attention and care.

      Peter Krasilov remembered by the audience for vivid roles in television series and films such as “Poor Nastya”, “Not born beautiful”, and many others.