Питер Джексон уговорил Эванджелин Лилли вернуться в кино

Perhaps many did not notice the lack in film star of the television show “lost” Evangeline Lilly. Now she presented the blockbuster “ant-Man and wasp” together with colleagues Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. A couple of years ago, the actress also starred in the trilogy “the Hobbit”, directed which you need to thank for the return of Evangeline in the movie!

Питер Джексон уговорил Эванджелин Лилли вернуться в кино

It is the Peter Jackson persuaded the actress to return to movies after a two year hiatus. “My acting career was unique. This isn’t your typical story. By chance my first serious role was Kate from the TV series “lost”, after which I immediately got into the list of stars of world level, and for me it was very uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to do with fallen glory and felt uncomfortable. In the end, I decided to retire after the final “lost”. I starred in the movie “real steel” with Hugh Jackman and then just said to myself: “enough is enough. I’m never going to do it. I had a kid, I wrote scripts, and for two years led a quiet measured life without any contracts in Hollywood” – said Lilly in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

To throw a quiet life Evangeline suggested to Peter Jackson, asking the actress to play the hobbit elf Tauriel. Lilly hesitated, because I was sure that I was done with acting forever. But the offer to play the elf woke a 13-year old little girl, and the actress are unable to abandon the role. “In the end, I agreed to the role. The time I spent working on the film was wonderful – I was about a year lived in New Zealand and was part of this big family. It helped me to understand that such work can be fun – for this you need to choose the right approach,” admitted Evangeline.

After promotina “the Hobbit” actress received a call from representatives of the company Marvel, who invited her to play the Wasp in “ant-Man”. Of course, she chose to continue her acting career and played a superhero.

Recall that the actress had submitted a book called “the Squickerwonkers” Lilly was back in 2013. Children’s story became incredibly popular. As recognized Evangeline, such a success she could not count.

“All the characters in the book lived in my head since childhood. They were my imaginary friends,” says the actress.

The first book she wrote at the age of 14 years. “When I grew up, my mom asked me are you going to publish “the Squickerwonkers,” recalls Lilly. “I thought, “why not?”

“This book is the first of a series of stories. The truth about what I’ll write next, I don’t know yet. It should be a dark and creepy tale, a cautionary finals,” added the star.

And in 2015 the 36-year-old actress and her boyfriend Norman Kaylee a second time become parents.