PETA is demanding that Justin Bieber apologized to the cub

PETA требуют, чтобы Джастин Бибер извинился перед львенком

An attempt of unity with nature Justin Bieber to his fans liked, but an organization dedicated to ethical issues in the treatment of animals, considered such a gesture as insincere and demanded that the musician’s public apology.

It all started with the publications of the page of the singer photos, which he depicted with a lion cub named Alex. It would seem that this photo could talk about some of the negative attitude of Justin in regard to animals? After meeting with Bieber, as noted by the owners of a lion cub, he became a fan of the artist.

“Justin is really concerned with the preservation of these amazing animals — written by the owner Alex. Is he really a great guy!”

But in RETA feel differently. According to the organization, cub Justin used. Supposedly, the singer made yourself extra publicity at the expense of the animal, which can be regarded as a cruelty to our brethren smaller.

Now RETA require from the musician’s apology: “It is cruelty, not caring about the animals. The time has come to Justin Bieber apologized for using rare species as an advertisement”.

What do you think, what actually was the purpose of the singer? Maybe he’s just had a photo taken with a lion cub?…

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