PETA bought shares in Prada to protect ostriches

PETA купила акции Prada, чтобы защитить страусят

The organization, which works to prevent cruelty to our younger brothers – RETA, was again on the warpath. This time the representatives of the organization intend to deal with the fashion brand Prada. In particular, the RET requires that a trade mark abandoned the use of ostrich leather in making bags.

As told to represent the RET to the press, his fight for animal rights organization will have to be rescheduled from the streets to meeting rooms, where already directly with the owners of the brand will decide this question. In dialogue with the RETA Prada now can not refuse, because the animal rights activists bought shares part of the fashion Empire and has the right to defend its position from the inside.

PETA wants to take the fight against the brutality in meeting rooms Prada, where she will be able to influence the decisions of the company and will be able to put an end to the killing of ostriches for the sake of the bags, says the official statement of the organization. We will help you Prada to get your head out of the sand.”

The correctness of RETA absolutely sure. The activists conducted an investigation and shooting on farms in South Africa and found out what kind of carnage experienced by young birds of one year old to on the handbags Prada appeared the famous fluted pattern “goose bumps”. According to zoodefenders, the young birds are kept in dirty pens, they are killed with electric shock and slit the throat.

Commenatries representatives from Prada is not yet been reported.

We will remind, earlier RETA demanded that Hermes hapetite to produce the famous Birkin handbag, since they are made from the skin of ostriches and crocodiles.

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