Peskov’s daughter is not hiding new romance

Дочь Пескова не скрывает новый роман

18-year-old Lisa boasted a luxurious bouquet from the young man.

The eldest daughter of Dmitry Peskov lives with his mother in France, studying at University in Paris, but in Moscow it is frequent guest.

The girl comes to see his father, but also the secular parties in Moscow looks. And of course the personal life of the girl did not escape the attention of fans.

The other day Lisa shared a bunch of delicate pink roses.

“I love flowers”, – she wrote. However, fans immediately suspected that this love of flowers girl smitten not just. And due to the fact that their giver is the person special for her.

As a student and to hide did not become. And even showed her new boyfriend fans. Judging by the photos, the young man – the same age as the girls. Moreover, in order to emphasize their similarity, the pair even had chosen the same look: white shirt and denim shorts.

Recall, Lisa is the eldest daughter of Dmitry Peskov. At the moment she and her two brothers live with their mother in France. In addition, Dmitry Peskov, has an older son from his first marriage – Nicholas and youngest daughter of the third marriage with Tatyana Navka – Hope.