Peskov daughter moves on Moscow metro

Дочь Пескова передвигается по Москве на метро

The girl sleeps most of the time with my mother in Paris, admitted that he does not use taxi services.

For the life of 18-year-old successor, Dmitry Peskov, only in social networks watch more than 20 thousand people. Fans exploring her fashionable bows and bombarded by questions about handsome boyfriend, Hobbies and relationship with the father.

But as it turned out, Lisa is not much different from all of us. And meet her in Moscow in… the Metropolitan subway.

The other day the girl said that she liked this type of transport. Taxi and always will prefer the subway.

“I love the subway. Love to look at flights leaving in the dark tunnel, listening to the noise of the trains and razdumyvaya not only about his life, but also represent the fate of people, which see. Who goes where, why, what will do then? In Paris, distances are shorter and always leave at the desired point, but Moscow has an elegant beauty and historical aura,” Peskov shared with subscribers.

While Lisa noted that men are quite lost your gentlemanly quality. And if anyone gives way to grandmothers and pregnant women, it is girls. And also said that, going down under the earth, must have skills in Taekwondo.

“In Moscow at least women give each other space, while men pretend that they are asleep or too busy in the phones, – expressed his Phi girl. — If you pushed someone in the Paris metro – the first sorry victim. In the same vital basic skills of Taekwondo. Here is an example from two days ago. Leaving the half-empty car, I saw that straight at me approaching a woman. I moved, but that didn’t stop her from trying to go through me. I did not react to the collision and went on. The woman turned around and intentionally gave me heavily in the ribs with his elbow, apparently saw in me the cause of all his failures in life”.

Recall, the eldest daughter of Dmitry Peskov lives in Paris with her mother and two brothers. In the capital of France, she understands the basics of marketing and business. But in Moscow Lisa looks only at the weekend to see my dad and friends.