Личное фото Пелагеи попало в Сеть

Famous Russian singer Pelageya became a victim of cyber criminals who hack the accounts of celebrities and stealing their personal information. Artist ranting and raving with rage due to the fact that her personal photos leaked.

Recently, the artist leads the private account in the social network and is not going to change their new rules. Imagine her surprise when she saw your photo from the personal archive.
“How can you not ashamed!!! Hack accounts and disseminate personal photos!!! Come on, people?? And then you wonder why I “closed”???” — do not hide their anger singer. However, the fans, though, and shared the indignation of the artist, still showered her with compliments.
Recall that now the artist deals mainly with his family. A few months ago she gave birth to her husband hockey player Ivan Telegin daughter Taisiya. The nannies they have, and with all svalivsheesya on her fragile shoulders careful the artist herself.