Личный повар Виктории Бекхэм рассказал про её секретную диету
Cockroaches, hot sauce, burgers and other addictions superstars.

Victoria Beckham

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Fans finally
got the answer to the question, how is Victoria Beckham, even after the birth of four
children, managed to stay in such great physical shape. Personal chef, 41-year-old
wife of David — Wolfgang puck has revealed the secret of what eats star family
Beckham, and the dish allows the Victoria to be superstrong.

It turned out that the diet of “ex-peppercorns”,
and today a fashion designer, make up almost one vegetables, also made exclusively for a couple. Victoria
long abandoned fat, flour and sweet, and a little while ago completely eliminated from your menu fish and meat. Favorite dish Beckham —
spinach, it, according to Pack, she is ready to eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. However,
in Victoria there is one bad habit that she just couldn’t do it
to overcome — Beckham can’t resist a glass or other good red wine.

However, celebrities
meet and much more quirky taste preferences. Naomi Campbell,
example, once admitted in an interview that no eating no
to do it without a very spicy Mexican sauce. Jennifer Aniston
convinced that to keep in shape, oddly enough, she helps a dish like Mexican chips “nachos”. Scarlett
Johansson has Breakfast chicken wings, while Kim Kardashian loves burgers. Of course, this is not the best way affects
the shape of the star of the reality show. However, she recently sat on a diet and, as a result, she managed to lose 20

But the strangest diet
perhaps Angelina Jolie, who have left behind all their Hollywood
colleagues on the part of originality in the choice of a favorite dish. As a result of frequent trips to
Cambodia, the wife of brad pitt is addicted to eat… dried cockroaches! On
the actress said that it is a good protein food, which is useful for

Concludes the list — Matthew
McConaughey, who absolutely loves all the food. “I love the process
chewing. Ready to eat for days on end, and often this leads to the fact that I
begins a stomach ache from overeating!” — complained to Oscar-winning actor.

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