Личный повар Виктории Бекхэм раскрыл секрет ее суперстройности

Many often wonder how Victoria Beckham managed to keep the harmony and smartness of the figure, having given birth to four children? Of course, without physical activity and diet not done. But to maintain this result permanently, you must resign ourselves to the unpalatable menu and follow every point.

To debunk the myth of a strict diet of ex-spice Beckham decided her personal chef. Personal chef, 41-year-old wife of David – Wolfgang puck has revealed the secret of what eats star family of Beckham, and the dish allows the Victoria to be superstrong.

As it turned out, almost entirely diet Victoria are vegetables cooked exclusively on a couple. Beckham has long abandoned the use of sweet, fat, flour, and more recently excluded from the diet of meat and fish.

Favorite dish Beckham — spinach, it, according to Pack, she is ready to eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, Victoria still has one bad habit that she just doesn’t have the power to overcome – Beckham can’t resist the glass of good red wine.

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