Persecution inflicted Larisa Guzeeva a serious blow

Травля нанесла Ларисе Гузеевой серьезный удар
Honored artist appeared caught off guard.

Larisa Guzeeva

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Let them talk”

From the ubiquitous paparazzi suffer as a Hollywood star, or domestic. Few celebrities have managed in my career not to suffer from the actions of photographers ready to shoot any “misses” from celebrities. Some time in the Network there was a whole series of images of Larisa Guzeeva, taken on the beach in Bulgaria, where the Honoured artist spent his vacation. Assuming the presence of photographers, the main matchmaker of the country safely sunbathed in a bikini while showing off her figure…

After the publication of the beach shots on Larissa barrage of criticism from detractors. Choosing the most hurtful words, they harshly criticized the far from ideal a star shape. Guzeeva literally hounded for the fact that it is the opinion of haters, ceased to follow him.

Guzeeva did not anticipate that these photos will get a great resonance in the Network. According to friends, publish a beach photo shoot upset the star. “Larissa cried two days when I saw these pictures in the press. We with Larissa Udovichenko comforted her, saying that it is not necessary to pay attention and worry, convinced be treated with humor. But it I’m not shy, show yourself for what it is, and Larissa – the person is very vulnerable.

She works very hard, skips through a lot of human negativity, went to rest, relax, be a normal person, and now these pictures. And if people have got into the loop because of this harassment of journalists? It is necessary to think!”, — quotes lolita