Парфюмерные тренды: какие ароматы мы будем носить этой осенью

Christina Aguilera

Director of “Perfume club” Marianna Penkova told how Millennials dictate the fashion, fragrances, and predicted what perfumes we used to wear in the coming seasons.

Gender-neutral scents

As conversations about gender equality only breaks out, the perfumers, such as Eric Shumate, CEO and co-founder of Pinrose, saying that this topic was reflected in a fragrant world.

Trending fragrances are unisex. Women prefer a male ingredients (a mix of wood, citrus and lavender) and scents “for him” began to be typically feminine notes (peony, rose and vanilla). This includes conceptual and surprising scents of vinyl, tennis balls, popcorn, thunderstorms or freshly cut grass.

Millennials are looking for scents that would match their personality and caused a storm of emotions. In such compositions, less attention is paid to design (no fancy bottles and huge Golden caps), minimalist packaging, such as perfume-unisex. According to a recent survey, 48 percent of perfume lovers said they preferred the simple design of the bottle, and 67 percent of respondents said that they consider the package more stylish.

Perfumers now you come up with the colors: volcanic flower, flower, asphalt, city flower, a flaming flower, black flower electric flower. Welcome to the urban jungle!

New interpretation of the classics

Fragrances mass market — it’s the flavors that are liked by many that are best-sellers in retail, long-loved and popular. If the manufacturer is releasing another fragrance in the scented way, he obviously will not lose. Let it not be unique, but the audience will definitely enjoy and will be successful commercially. We are talking about floral arrangements for women and citrus-wood for men.

The mainstream of today — white floral bouquet in a bold, often calling arrangement. This floral arrangements on the basis of tuberose, Gardenia, Jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom and white Lily. White bouquet is the Foundation for these high-profile launches as floral-citrus Gabrielle, Chanel, and Twilly, Hermes, and Gucci floral Bloom with a dominant tuberose. These fragrances was among the finalists of the FiFi 2017.

One of the best sellers — perfume The One, Dolce & Gabbana, where white floral bouquet complemented by Oriental motifs. In the center of the composition the flower Madonna white Lily with citrus and fruit undertones. Lorientallee flavors is another bright trend. It can be attributed La vie est Belle L Eclat, Lancome, in a cloud of orange blossom.

Парфюмерные тренды: какие ароматы мы будем носить этой осенью

And another flavor, which makes sense to dwell in more detail — Aura, Thierry Mugler, launched in Russia in February, although Europe saw him last year. Chinese tiger Liana, crisp rhubarb leaves, delicate orange blossom, animalistic notes of Bourbon vanilla and resinous molecule “wolfwood” (wolfwood). That’s what declared by the manufacturer.

What do we hear? The sultry jungle air filled with the smell of exotic flowers and plants (many he associated with the Thai markets is the smell of the fruit durian, which is prohibited due to the suffocating smell of sweet decay). This fragrance takes us back to the style of Eden, Cacharel, and Jungle L’elephant, Kenzo.

Aura — white bouquet arranged with notes of Ukraine and gourmet is another interpretation of the classics, but on the avant-garde style, close to Millennials.

Force of nature

In February of this year, the Pantone color Institute has published a list of the ten major hues of the autumn-winter season 2018/19. Among them was and green Quetzal. Color, symbolizing the return to nature. This is reflected not only in the fashion trends of the season, but in the flavors with notes of green, rhubarb, vetiver, reminiscent of herbal tea with lemon.

In men’s fragrances and unisex fragrances back the glasses that we noted earlier. They owe their name to the French word fougre, which translates as “fern”. In fact, a required component of these flavors is not a fern (it is, incidentally, almost no smell), and other plant-based ingredients — lavender, bergamot, coumarin (a substance derived from Tonka beans), wood and oak moss, and sometimes geranium and vetiver.

This trend applies even fragrance brands A*Men Kryptomint, Thierry Mugler is an Oriental fougere fragrance. Wood composition with a loading dose of peppermint. At the heart of Egyptian geranium and plume — patchouli, a signature ingredient of a line of A*Men.

Парфюмерные тренды: какие ароматы мы будем носить этой осенью
The Fragrance A*Men Kryptomint, Thierry Mugler

Botanic Chic

Came the fashion for floral prints. A riot of colors, blooming garden, vegetable and floral aromas, and the thing of the trend and vegetable ingredients. Praises iris and rose. Citrus-floral Izia, Sisley, with a rose in the heart, just like that. Roses, lilies and Gardenia we associate with spring flavors, but now they migrated in the autumn of the composition. Perfumer mark Crames says that now the floral fragrances become more green and bold than before.

Mystery Tales

Praises the mystical notes of leather, myrrh and amber. And not just leather and suede as Sleek Suede from the collection of Le Vestiaire des Parfums Oriental Collection. Notes of leather, suede give the fragrance a special character, depth and complexity. But if the soft warmth of those notes augmented animalistic nuances, the aroma is harmonious polyphonic sound.

The trick of the mystical trend — liquor and alcoholic notes, thanks to the huge popularity of various cocktails on youth parties, which are usually very nicely served and have intriguing name and taste. This trend comes from the Millennials. New note next season — a combination of gin and tonic.

The tastiest trend is the flavors of gourmet. What do we refer to a gourmand notes? Vanilla, coffee, cappuccino, caramel, chocolate and milk. The latest fashionable craze of the past year was the aroma of condensed milk.

The flavors combine for a Second Skin powdery tones, a whisper of flowers, soft amber, cashmere, musk. This aromatic trend Narciso Eau Poudree de Parfum, Narciso Rodriguez.

For Frivolities characteristic aromas of sandalwood, almonds, creamy and dairy notes. Aroma with a note of milk This is Her, Zadig & Voltaire.

Seasonal combinations

Winter fragrances are usually warm, rich and luscious, with notes of sandalwood, amber and intoxicating musk. But as soon as the air temperature rises, the fragrance become more optimistic and romantic, and the Central place is occupied by citrus and floral tones.

Typical aroma of the warm season is citrus combined with notes of exotic or gourmet. For example, Voile Confit, Francesca Dell’oro, or hesperidic (citrus) cheerful Jardins Pop, Comptoir Sud Pacifique.

Mineral note, or passion aquatico, was extremely popular this summer. One of the best representatives of the pure bright transparent Atlantiqve scent Aqva pour Homme, Bvlgari and Bleue Eau des Merveilles, Hermes, with the actual note of sea salt.