Performer of songs “Such, as Putin” asks “Leningrad”

Исполнительница песни «Такого, как Путин» просится в «Ленинград»

Singer from Kazan, D. Umarov, a well-known song “someone like Putin” with street musicians, announced his desire to replace who left the group “Leningrad” Alisa VOX.

The other day the girl has recorded a video message the leader of the group Sergey Shnurov, the cat promised to sing in his band tens years after which performed the last hit of the “Leningrad” “Exhibit”.

Meanwhile the network is gaining popularity another video with dilara – together with a street team of “Hot spot” she sang the song of “Singing together” “Such, as Putin”. The girl claims that the song choice was random and the implication was not special.
“My improvisation was spontaneous and had no political subtext. I just heard what style of music was the musicians and the song just appeared in my head,” said dilara. The song became an Internet hit and fans of girls already collecting signatures for a petition calling on Umarov to send to Eurovision instead of Sergey Lazarev.
Recall that after the departure of Alice Sergey Shnurov took the team Vasilis Starshova and the Florida Chanturiya. Who knows, maybe in the group will be a place for another singer.

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