Отточила формы: Анфиса Чехова заметно постройнела

The presenter did not fail to boast of the changes in the shape, put photos in sexy tight jumpsuit.

Although the program “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova” ten years is not on television, its leading punctually reminds himself. And about sex. Anfisa, having a delicious female forms, does not hesitate to put them on public display. So this time Chekhov laid spicy picture. Moreover, there is a reason. She lost a lot of weight.

Updated figure Anfisa boasted on his page in the social network. The picture shows a woman sitting in sexy pose on the stool with his back to the photographer. She is wearing sexy tight jumpsuit with open back. In the lumbar region one of the many visible tattoos Chekhova. Fans immediately noted how much thinner their favorite, which recently defended the right chest full of women arguing furiously with Ksenia Sobchak. And now she became slim. As Naomi says, it’s all about yoga, which she is actively engaged. Observe whether this presenter a special diet, is unclear. But the fact remains: his share of compliments for the gorgeous figure of Chekhov grabbed. “Super girl! And the figure too!”, How swell thinner”, “Look at all one million percent!”, “Desirable,” laudatory odes Anfisa no bounds.

It should be noted that Chekhov is not the only domestic a celebrity doing yoga. To the Eastern practices regularly use Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, Valery, Sati Kazanova and many others.

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