“Perekolol face!” Appearance Elena Malysheva provoked ridicule

«Переколола лицо!» Внешний вид Елены Малышевой вызвал насмешки
Fans vigorously discussing the new presenter.

Elena Malysheva and Irina Slutskaya

Photo: @i.Instagram slutskaya Irina Slutskaya

Fresh the buckwheat made fans suspect that the presenter went overboard with the “beauty shots”. Published online photos of a star of the First channel really looks little different than before. It is not excluded that the 56-year-old Malyshev really resorted to modern means of rejuvenation.

“Malyshev is a cyborg! What’s wrong with her?”, “What becomes of women in the terrible pursuit of youth”, “the feeling that Malyshev went overboard with the facelift or Botox”, “it Seems that the face of Helen’s crack at the seams…” — criticize the appearance of Elena fans.

Fans immediately remembered the famous stars of Russian show business, who because of the desire to look younger have become unrecognizable. Quite recently the Network discussed the appearance of Yulia Rutberg, which, according to experts, the “injection” face fillers, which has become almost unrecognizable. However, Malysheva such a fate is unlikely to face. For long-term career in television host of “Live healthy” has developed memorable and recognizable style.