«Пенсионеру» Хью Джекману нашли замену
New Wolverine promises to outshine the previous

Scott Eastwood


Fans of the famous hero of the franchise, “Men Suit” on behalf of the Wolverine can be satisfied. I found the actor who will replace
departed retired Hugh Jackman. Apparently, it will be a son “live
legends” of Hollywood — Clint Eastwood — Scott.

“I love Wolverine! This is one of my most
favorite movie characters of all time. It can be very bad
guy, it’s totally unpredictable. He’s not playing “by the rules” in any
ready to “explode”. This is just the kind of hero I love to play!” —
recently stated Eastwood Jr.

The representative of the Studio Disney, in its
turn, confirmed that work is underway on a project that will represent
a “meeting of heroes “the Avengers” and “X-Men”. And Wolverine will be in this one
of the main characters. However while this project is still at a very early stage
development to sign contracts with the actors is still far.

As for Scott Eastwood what he is to his 32nd
I was able to prove that he is not only the son of a celebrity, but also a good actor. Scott
starred quite successfully already in the more than three dozen films, including “fast & furious 8”
and “suicide Squad”. Besides, according to many fans
Eastwood, Jr., Scott has the proper hero of “brutal”
appearance and excellent physical shape.

We will remind: the former performer of the role Wolverine —
Jackman has played this character for 17 years. During this time he managed
to star in 7 films about “clawed” character. On his “retirement,” Hugh Jackman said
in 2015. he said that the film “Logan: the Wolverine” released
in the past year, will be his last appearance in this role. “I came to
the conclusion that for me the time has come to part with Wolverine!” he admitted then.