Penelope Cruz turned 42

Пенелопе Крус исполнилось 42 года
The actress celebrated the holiday in the family circle.

Penelope Cruz

Photo: ZumaTASS

Penelope Cruz does not like noisy, crowded celebrations. Your
birthday usually celebrating it modestly, in a circle of best friends and
family. And this year, it is certainly not
began to start a big party, because it said “non-circular” date
the actress turns 42.

Of course, in her day a personal holiday with her always
there are three next closest person: husband Javier Bardem and two
children, son Leonardo and daughter Luna. Her first son, Leonardo, Penelope gave birth relatively late, when she was already 36 years old. And three
years later was born the second child of the Moon. Moreover, the actress gave birth to their offspring almost
“without interruption of production”. In the second part of “pirates of the Caribbean,” she
filmed when I was waiting for Leonardo, and was at the time, neither more nor less,
the seventh month of pregnancy. So operators had to show the wonders
ingenuity that the audience did not notice the “interesting position of the actress. And
just six months after the birth of her son she was back on the set
pad — movie “to Rome with love” woody Allen.

As for the father of the children
actress — actor Javier Bardem, with whom she met for a long time,
back in 1992 when they both worked on the film “Jamon, Jamon”. But the novel
their romance began only in 2007, they starred then woody Allen in the drama
“Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”. Penelope and Javier were married three years later, playing strictly
secret wedding in the Bahamas, in the house of his friend.

Cruz and Bardem do
considered one of the most “non-public” couples in Hollywood. They strive to ensure
their personal life was not discussed on the pages of tabloids, and a very
succeeded in the implementation of its intentions. Their names are virtually never
mentioned in the scandalous Chronicles. The only exception was love story
Penelope with Tom cruise that took place in 2001-2004, when about a couple of a lot
wrote press overseas.

Javier and Penelope are so
secretive that even rarely appear together at official events. One of the
their latest outputs was a visit to the award ceremony — Goya Cinema
Awards in Madrid, in February of this year. By the way, about awards: they have Penelope
a lot. So, in 2006 it was
awarded a prize at the Cannes film festival for her role in the film “the Return”, Pedro
Almodovar. There is in her collection and “Oscar” — for
the film of Allen, on the set of which she fell in love with his wife. By the way,
Cruz became the first Spaniard to be awarded this prize.

By the way, Penelope was
an actress by chance. In fact, she was going to make a career
dancer. 9 years, Cruz has dedicated classical ballet, studying at first in Spanish
the school dance Coservatorio Nacional, and then another three years — in the company of Spanish Ballet, which
was led by Angela Garrido. But when she was only 16 years old, she
liked agent talent… So she made her debut on Spanish television.

Since then, Penelope has resigned
the world is not just Spanish cinema, but also Hollywood that European actors manage
not so often. Her breakthrough American film was a fantastic drama
“Vanilla sky”, the filming of which she met Tom cruise.

Despite the fact that Cruz
much time he spends on his family and upbringing of children, it is continuously removed.
However, recently often see her on the set Spanish
Directors. One of the last works of the Hollywood actress — role in the Comedy
“Brothers Grimsby” which was released this year.

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