Пенелопа Крус о муже, детях, херассменте и роли в Донателлы Версаче

The new season of “American crime story” about the murder of Gianni Versace made a lot of noise. 43-year-old Penelope Cruz in the TV series plays Donatella Versace, was a real challenge for her. About the work on the project, a candid conversation with Donatella, and her husband Javier Bardem and their children, seven-year and four-year Leonardo Luna, the actress said in an interview.

Пенелопа Крус о муже, детях, херассменте и роли в Донателлы Версаче

“It was the first time we worked together, becoming a couple. The characters were very difficult so we have been through many uncomfortable scenes in which my character is a victim of emotional and psychological terror. I was always afraid to let his characters in our house. This was particularly important for us in this case – to protect each other.” tells Penelope about filming with her husband Javier Bardem in the movie “Escobar”.

Journalists could not help but ask about the attitude of the actress to harassment and movement #MeToo. “The result must change the rules of the game for women in different ways suppress.” says my point of view actress.

Also the actress spoke about gender education of their children. “Tales are very important because it is the first story that you hear from the lips of parents. When I read to my children at night, always change the end of some well-known stories. In “Cinderella” and “Sleeping beauty” a lot of machismo. This can affect how children see the world. They begin to think that men decide everything. In my Cinderella story on the proposal of the Prince to marry, she answers: “No, thank you, because I don’t want to be a Princess, and want to become an astronaut or a chef.”

When producer Ryan Murphy asked her to play Donatella Versace in “American crime story”, the actress immediately agreed, because he admires them. True, it is not from said residual solution, and first and foremost made an important call.

To enter the role, the actress personally talked with her character. “I told her I feel a great responsibility, after receiving an offer to play a man who is not only alive, but whom I respect a lot. She said that if the project is started, she is happy that I will play it for him. Her words gave me a sense of freedom. I think my voice she realized that everything will be done with respect.”

“Her voice is much lower than me, so for several months I worked with ponyatnom. I wasn’t interested in caricature or imitation. I wanted the viewer saw Donatella, even when she’s just sitting in a chair… Edgar Ramirez listened to a lot of Opera and Prince.” says the actress about working on the role.