Пелагея защищает честь мужа The actress went with Ivan by Telegin to the Olympics. The journalists talked with the star about upcoming games. Pelagia told me that he would actively support a spouse, who is allowed to participate in international competitions.
Пелагея защищает честь мужа

Singer Pelageya went together with her husband Ivan by Telegony in Pyeongchang. Recently, the actress has been raising his daughter and almost never speaks. Usually she never speaks to reporters about the individual, but the crew managed to ask the singer about how she will support her husband at the Games in South Korea.

“This is my fourth Olympiad: I was in Beijing, Vancouver and Sochi. And I’m sure the most important sport! What I understand and saw on previous Games? That is not only a sports competition, but also a unique opportunity to make acquaintance with people from different countries, to see with their own eyes the achievements of fantastic people. For me these Games have always been a celebration of light, friendship and kindness. I really hope these ideas about them, I will bring and from Pyeongchang. The human factor is a very powerful thing. It seems to me that when hockey tournament officially starts, people will finally remember why they gathered here for what was invented the Olympic games,” said Pelagia.

According to star, the guys from the Russian national hockey team preparing for the Olympic games. Singer argues that the quay had suffered greatly before the upcoming Games.

“In some moments I was worried more Vani. Because I see how much effort and soul is given to hockey and understand how important it was to get into the team and go to Games. On the whole, the athletes, they are people of amazing strength. Every day I see your husband and I admire the strength of character of professional athletes, it’s the heroes who give their health in order to them proud. Therefore, take this opportunity to address the fans, asking them not to blame the guys. Better keep them as they can. Believe me, for them now it is very important” – called Pelagia.

Star believes that the athletes had a lot of tests since a long time the IOC could not name the names of the members of the team who will be able to speak in South Korea. “All the guys realize how closely they need to follow all the new rules and to provoke further hardship nobody wants. In the team dominated by a desire just to go to the Olympics and with maximum efficiency to do their work”, – said the singer in an interview with RT.