Pelagia’s going to become a mother

Пелагея снова собирается стать матерью

Their first child, a popular Russian singer Pelageya gave birth only at the end of January, but the experience she liked it so much that the artist is confident that between the first and second common child with her husband Ivan by Telegina break will be small. Pelageya sure I’ll be back in the hospital.

Now she is enjoying motherhood and recalls with gratitude the Moscow region perinatal center, which came to light her daughter Taisiya. On the official website of elite medical institutions she left a laudatory review and has hinted that plans to expand their family.
“I already miss You ❤. Next time (hopefully soon😉) – only in Lapino” — written by Pelageya.
Recall that not everyone was happy for the singer and hockey player. Many, on the contrary, accused pelage that took the man of the family, especially because his wife at the time was pregnant. In addition Taisia Ivan there is a young boy who’s not much older than his sister.