Pelagia was talking with Urgant in very explicit themes

Пелагея разговорилась с Ургантом на очень откровенные темы
A large number of star mothers tried to convince their fans that feed their babies at the breast, but it seems that Pelagia does it really.

Пелагея разговорилась с Ургантом на очень откровенные темы

The guests of Ivan Urgant, Pelageya appeared on the louboutins and in a tight red dress, talking about the fact that the figure didn’t suffer much. And judging by the stories about Poly night feedings every two hours, we can conclude that she feeds her daughter.

Complained Pelagia on colic, which was not spared, not one a normal mother and complained about the poop.

However, it was not about the poop Taisia, and a dog that have surfaced after the snow melted. This point is very very annoying singer and a desire to walk with the daughter she lost.

In General, Pelageya, though suffering from lack of sleep, was as usual cheerful and has promised soon to return to work a big concert.

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