Pelagia tried on a glamorous outfit

Пелагея примерила гламурный наряд Pictures of the actress from the party surprised her fans. Recently Pelagia had fun in the company of friends at the event organized by CSKA.
Пелагея примерила гламурный наряд

Pelagia flashed at the party in style of America of the early 20th century, which was organized by CSKA. The singer appeared at the event in a Golden revealing dress, showing slender figure.

It should be noted that the singer appears in public often closed dresses. However, selects the model with deep neckline, or beaded. For example, in 2017 Pelagia appeared at the concert “Voices” in the Kremlin in tight black dress, emphasizing the figure of the artist. Fans and colleagues were delighted with the elegant style of the performer. After the birth of her daughter, the actress even more weight and now at the expense of the wardrobe shows fans a graceful figure. As Pelagia was lost to a new “Voice”

Recall, Pelagia married hockey player Ivan Telegin in summer 2016. The athlete just plays in CSKA. After the wedding, the actress refused to participate as a mentor in the show “the Voice.” Pelageya even reduced singing activity, because I was waiting for the firstborn. 21 January 2017, the singer gave birth to a daughter. A girl named Taisia.

The actress carefully hides the private life. Pregnancy and the birth of his daughter Pelagia tried not to advertise. The singer said in a talk show that she often lacks time for cooking and cleaning, she resumed performances and shot on television. However, Ivan Telegin are sympathetic to employment sweetheart.

“The spares, not have to cook. Although, I wouldn’t have time to make him Breakfast at all desire. The fact that the spouse gets up early and goes to training. And so every day. In the morning I lay for 15 minutes in bed and think about how he is a hero. After all, he in any weather has to go on the ice, to freeze, to make incredible efforts,” said Pelagia. Pelageya about family rules: “the spares”

The artist noted that he tries to spend time not only wife, but also his daughter Taisiya. Pelagia tries to instill her love of music.

“I’ll teach her a variety of Christmas songs. Trying to keep them together. However, there is a song about a pony that I can’t sing without tears. She looks so sad! Kind of want to cheer the child, and in the end, though, Reva,” said the actress on a talk show.