Пелагея рассказала, как наказывает дочь The artist can raise the voice Taisia. According to Pelagia, she always explains to the child how to do the right thing. Moreover, the singer tries not to spoil the baby, as do many other stars.
Пелагея рассказала, как наказывает дочь

Pelagia is a longtime fan of the colorful performances of the Cirque du Soleil. That’s why she missed the premiere of the new show OVO, which was held in Moscow. The actress appeared at the event with her husband, hockey player Ivan by Telegony. Journalists were surprised that the couple didn’t bring young daughter Taisiya.

“She is still small and wouldn’t have set, and I want also to experience and be inspired by the show. We left her with a babysitter today, but do it very rarely, because I try all the free time to spend with her, and when you can’t, then help the parents,” admitted the singer.

Pelagia is happy in a relationship with Ivan by Telegony. According to star, that family is her source of inspiration. As told by the singer, she had been looking for someone like Telegin, that he understood and supported throughout. After they had a daughter, life has changed a lot.

“Although the performances have not yet refuse, yet it’s my job, but begins to gnaw guilt that I have to leave her. The main thing is to find a balance between work and family, since the family is still the most important”, – said Pelagia.

Talking about the child, the artist notes that Taisiya is growing very serious girl and her hard laugh. “This is probably some joke of fate that such a cheerful and smiling person, as I was born, so harsh a daughter. Sometimes kidding with her, tickle-tickle, she is already laughing, and even have a hint of a smile there. It’s a completely different person, unlike me” – says Pelageya.

Many parents believe that until a certain age children can be everything, so try not to limit them. Pelagia does not adhere to this view.

“Here is something to sit on my neck I just do not ladies: try not to spoil the daughter. After all, my task is to grow an adequate man, and I will do everything for it. Of course, limited to words – it wasn’t physical,” said Pelagia.

According to the artist, the girl she is very athletic. Taisa runs and talks and plays with dad to the football. “I think I’ll grow up to be a football player. Although, I confess, we are still the club has not given yet, so everything is still ahead”, – said the star in an interview with “Interlocutor”.