Пелагея рассказала о принципах воспитания дочки
“It’s already established the character,” says the singer about the baby.


“Pelageya”, who six years ago gave birth to a daughter
Taisia, never showed the girl in public. But she first talked about
the upbringing of the baby. It turned out that the singer believes the girl is an adult,
conscious person and she does everything in order to develop it

“It’s important for me to teach my daughter to accept herself
for what it is. Sad to see photoshopped pictures. Now they are not
only in journals but also in Instagram and other social networks, says Pelageya in
an interview with “Good advice”. — It seems that it is to this ideal
the picture and should strive for. And the reflection in the mirror, alas, not so flawlessly. In
a result, the person experiences wild stress. Not realizing that in fact he

Pelagia recognised that now ponders
strategy which she will stick in the education of Thais. Artist
says it is now often look back at their own childhood.

“My mother spent a lot of time, and
she never talked to me like I’m a little silly, recalls
Pelagia. — Always on equal terms. Maybe that’s why we have always had such trust
relationship. Still, it is for me an indisputable authority. Of course, I am not my
mother, Taisiya not me, but her upbringing I will take things on Board”.