Pelagia spoke about “broken” her husband’s family

Пелагея высказалась о «разбитой» семье мужа
The singer first shared the story of the novel with Ivan by Telegony.

Пелагея высказалась о «разбитой» семье мужа

Pelagia and Ivan Telegin

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The theme of personal life is for Pelagia taboo. But in every rule there are exceptions: recently, the actress appeared in a documentary of the First channel — “Happiness loves silence”, during the filming of which made some candid confessions. Most curious was the fact that Pelagia finally dot the “i” and talked about how she began her love affair with her husband Ivan by Telegony.

The beginning of family life Pelagia and Ivan was accompanied by loud scandal. Detractors called the singer a home-wrecker as a hockey player at the moment of acquaintance with the artist, supposedly, lived a civil marriage with model Evgenia who gave birth to him in February of 2016 son Mark. Star frankly hunted on the web for a devastated family with a small child.

Pelageya these rumors did not comment. In the summer of 2016 she played with Telegony the wedding, and six months later gave birth to a daughter Taisiya. Now the successor artist and the athlete for nine months and only now Pelagia decided to tell the truth about whether or not she broke up the family Ivan?

Pelagia was first published with her husband

The singer assured: contrary to gossip, she didn’t steal Telegin from the family. When I first met Telegin was a free man. To destroy someone else’s family she would not allow a conscience. “A good conscience, said to be the best pillow. So you see, dear friends, I have a clear conscience, and I sleep fine. And everything else that saying, don’t believe it. I wouldn’t be able to live in peace, if what you write was true, if I have someone taken away…It’s just another period in my life which made me stronger!” — comment on rumors Pelagia.